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问答 总是超时 这个怎么解决呢
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[WARN ] 11:27:33.455 org.nutz.mvc.impl.processor.FailProcessor.process( - Error@/api/track/order/track : Failed to invoke the method recognise in the service Tried 1 times of the providers [] (1/1) from the registry on the consumer using the dubbo version 2.3-SNAPSHOT. Last error is: Invoke remote method timeout. method: recognise, provider: dubbo://,getBillId,getPurchaseOrderInfo,orderIsSign,recognise,getToken,taobaoTrace,orderStatus,track,getBuyView,getImages&pid=19439&qos.enable=false&register.ip=, cause: Waiting server-side response timeout by scan timer. start time: 2021-09-09 11:22:33.433, end time: 2021-09-09 11:27:33.454, client elapsed: 0 ms, server elapsed: 300021 ms, timeout: 300000 ms, request: Request [id=337, version=2.0.2, twoway=true, event=false, broken=false, data=RpcInvocation [methodName=recognise, parameterTypes=[long], arguments=[1392927927179384479], attachments={,, version=0.0.0, timeout=300000}]], channel: / -> /